I am available for book coaching and freelance editing for all fiction and nonfiction writers.

I have more than twenty years’ experience guiding writing projects by people of all age groups, backgrounds, and experience levels. See below for ways I can assist you in meeting your writing goals.


Have a project you’re passionate about but can’t seem to get words on the page? I’m here to support you through all stages of the writing process. I meet with writers via Zoom and telephone, as well as over email, to help you make forward progress.

Developmental Editing

You’ve finished a draft. Now it’s time for a fresh set of eyes. I provide detailed feedback on what’s working, what could be better, and how to take the work from first draft to completed manuscript. This is an essential stage in the writing process. Writers are too close to their own work to be able to see it dispassionately. An experienced writer and editor can help you overcome your blindspots.

Line Editing

Agents and editors expect a manuscript to be as close to publishable as possible when it arrives in their in-box. Having someone who hasn’t looked over the project as many times as you have can help you polish the final drafts until they shine.

Email me at mmduffus@gmail.com for more information on rates and availabilities. I’m here to help you make the most of your writing!

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